What will CANARI do?

Tiled rooftop with damaged tiles and wooden beams

CANARI will advance our understanding of the impacts on the UK arising from climate variability and change in the Arctic-North Atlantic region, with a focus on extreme weather and the potential for rapid, disruptive change.

This will enable the UK to play an internationally leading role in understanding regional climate change, and providing  information about the consequences of climate change for UK people, places, and economy. 

CANARI will bring together the expertise and capabilities of the NERC Research Centres and the Met Office to deliver an ambitious and integrated programme of National Capability science to:

  • Deliver new knowledge about the risks to the UK from regional Arctic-North Atlantic climate change and its impacts, including the potential for disruptive change arising from the Arctic
  • Provide the UK research community with pioneering simulations, tools and collaboration opportunities
  • Engage with users – including governments, international development organisations, universities and businesses – to assess risks and inform climate adaptation and resilience building

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