What is CANARI?

Colourful houses in a row along a seafront, with blue skies above

CANARI is a 5-year research programme dedicated to understanding how climate variability and change in the Arctic-North Atlantic region will impact on the UK, with a focus on extreme weather and rapid, disruptive change.

CANARI stands for Climate change in the Arctic – North Atlantic region and Impacts on the UK. The programme will take an all-in-one view of the Arctic – North Atlantic climate system, including the ocean, atmosphere and sea ice, to understand how changes in this region will affect the UK.

CANARI is led by the National Centre for Atmospheric Science in collaboration with several Natural Environment Research Council research centres, including: British Antarctic Survey, British Geological Survey, Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, National Centre for Earth Observation, National Oceanography Centre, and UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. The Met Office are project partners in CANARI.

CANARI is part of the Natural Environment Research Council’s National Capability Multi-Centre Science programme – designed to bring science centres together for more ambitious, integrated, and large-scale research into critical environmental challenges.

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